When you’re celebrating accomplishments, individuality, and in Samantha Jo Alonso’s words, “using the world as your runway,” there’s no such thing as losing.

A business entrepreneur, fashion , brand consultant, motivational speaker, life-athlete and philanthropist, it’s Samantha’s multi-disciplinary force that defines the modern day renaissance woman.

Moving effortlessly among fashion, fitness, beauty, and philanthropy, it’s no surprise that Samantha’s singular vision and worldview for life that has prepared her to inspire all to shine from the inside out. 


I believe words are best used when they speak life and value into the people we love. They're food for the soul and an expression of our hearts. Words affirm our purpose, re-align our position, and produce passion. 
I designed this collection with hopes to create human connectivity in a world full of noise and distraction. Like everything in life, you can’t grow what you don’t sow into. Love takes time and intention but what an honor and privilege it is to love and share our adoration for one another knowing that someone's miracle may be on the verge of our doing. 

From my heart to yours, thank you for being a source of strength and inspiration for xo,sammyjo. You've given me wings for my dreams take flight and the unwavering faith to land and execute a “living what I used to dream” reality.

I feel most alive being on the journey with you.


Samantha Jo Alonso